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2024 NEOMTA Summer Festival

Crescendo! Cleveland

A Summer Music Program by NEOMTA



Saturdays 1-4P, July 13 - August 17 (6 Sessions)



Disciples Christian Church

3663 Mayfield Road

Cleveland Heights, OH 44121



NEOMTA is thrilled to present Crescendo! Cleveland, a dynamic summer program tailored for pre-collegiate music students.  Led by esteemed conservatory faculty and graduates, our curriculum will supplement students’ private lessons with a variety of fun and engaging hour-long classes designed to enrich our young musicians' love of music and strengthen their foundational skills.





1P-2P Music Appreciation: We firmly believe that a passion for the arts begins with exposure and familiarity.  In this course, our young musicians will explore various musical styles and composers through lively discussions and immersive listening experiences.  Students will leave this class with a keener ear for the musical world around them.  


2P-3P CrescendoPresents! lies at the heart of this program, offering an eclectic mix of introductory weekly music topics presented by specialists.  Seminars will cover a wide range of topics, including conducting, orchestration, music history, Baroque dance and piano technology.  Parents are welcome to sit in for free!


3P-4P Music Theory classes are offered in three levels.  Students participate in singing, listening, reading, and writing activities that provide an enhanced understanding of the music they play.  Students will refine sightreading and memorization abilities, cultivate interpretative abilities, and foster an intuitive grasp of musical structure.

Students enrolling in Music Theory will be sent a placement quiz to determine their appropriate class level.

Theory I

Theory II

Theory III

...seeks to reinforce sight-reading skills for the young beginner.  Topics covered include pitch, rhythm, and other elements of music notation. Prerequisites: none Course objectives: Students finishing this class will be able to read steps and unisons as well as find notes in treble and bass clef using reference pitches without counting up and down from middle C.  Graduates will be able to navigate rhythms down to a quarter-note division, as well as develop familiarity with key signatures of up to one sharp or flat.

... introduces elementary theoretical concepts such as chords, keys, and small intervals such as steps and thirds, as well as contextualizes all of the above in light of sight-reading, memorization, and interpretation. Prerequisites: can perform reading up to the level described for those graduating Theory I Course objectives: understand triads, and understands the idea that melodies are accompanied by chords and chord progressions.  Can play major and minor chords with up to one black note.  Can identify and play scales up to four sharps.  Can make use of the above ideas to make sense of music scores.

... expands on concepts introduced in Theory II, again with emphasis on learning pieces for performance.  Key concepts include larger musical constructs such as form, musical phrases, tension and resolution, medium intervals such as fourths and fifths, diatonic triads, and the circle of fifths. Prerequisite: can perform reading up to the level described for those leaving Theory II, plus read intervallically using thirds.  Recognizes scales and chords when learning repertoire. Course Objectives: Students graduating are able understand and internalize the repertoire that they play at a deeper level compared to students leaving Theory II.


Jack Hughes, PhD

Cher Liu, MM

William Schoeffler, DMA

Duo Shen, DMA

Irwin Shung, DMA

Qin Ying Tan, DMA

Allen Yueh, DMA



Registration for Crescendo! Cleveland is now open!  Each registration covers the full 6-week class session.

NEOMTA Member Registration:

Individual Class - $225

Maestro Collection (All 3 Classes) - $599

General Registration:

Individual Class - $250

Maestro Collection (All 3 Classes) - $666


We understand that some families may be out of town for certain dates.  We will be recording classes and providing individual links to families who let us know ahead of time.


NEOMTA and Crescendo! Cleveland are proud to offer a limited number of need-based scholarships thanks to the generosity of Disciples Church.  We kindly ask that teachers nominate only 1 student per studio to write a recommendation letter.

Parents, please apply here.  The scholarship application deadline is May 1.


Please reach out to with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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