Due to Covid-19, NEOMTA Young Artist's Recital will take place online this year.

The top student's online video performances will be featured on our website. Performances will be published on our website on February 15th, 2021.

Students of NEOMTA members wishing to participate in the 2021 Young Artist's Virtual Recital are required to submit:



1) An online application form.                                for form.


2) An unedited video recording  


  • The video recording must include ONE work or movement for solo piano drawn from the standard repertoire. 

  • Intermediate-level repertoire (e.g. a Clementi Sonatina) and above will be accepted for the recital.

  • The piece submitted must be no longer than 10 minutes long. 

  • Students 12 years of age and older are eligible to participate in this recital.

  • Only students of current NEOMTA members are eligible.





























  • Memorization is required

  • Recital attire is required

  • Piano should be in tune (required)

  • Position the camera with treble register closest to the viewer, and pointed somewhat downward from above the keys. (see image above) 

  • Background should be free of clutter

  • Record in landscape mode



*JANUARY 15TH, 2021*

Late submissions will not be considered.


Videos should be shared with neomta@gmail.com via Google Drive, or wetransfer.com.   NEOMTA will post the videos of the selected performers on NEOMTA's YouTube channel and NEOMTA's website. 


Please be sure to include the information (student name & age, teacher's name, composer & title of

piece) in the email when you share your file. 


An adjudicator will be appointed to review the recordings and select the recital performers. 


All questions can be addressed to the Vice-President of Student Programming, Dr.  Irwin Shung or Vice-President of Student Events, Dr. Sungeun Kim at neomta@gmail.com

2021 NEOMTA Young Artist's Recital